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Zhao Baige responds to the Chinese Red Cross debate: Public expectations are a reaction to the transition period
By Huang Yanyan 黄艳艳, Xinhua, June 17, 2013
At the third Cross-Straits Red Cross Forum yesterday, Chinese Red Cross Operational Vice President Zhao Baige argued that the recent debate over the Chinese Red Cross reflects the new expectations that the public holds concerning all social organizations during this transition period. (Chinese)
“Symbiotic” public welfare
By Feng Yongfeng 冯永峰, Narada Net南都网, June 17, 2013
A short feature on journalist-turned-microcharity-star Deng Fei, written by Fong Yongfeng, another journalist-turned-activist. (Chinese)
Notice Regarding Reporting for Social Organizations Which Will Accept Government Transfer of Functions and Government Service Procurement
Guangzhou Social Organization Management Bureau 广州市民间组织管理局, June 17, 2013
New notice from the Guangzhou Social Organization Management Bureau regarding government procurement of social services. (Chinese)
Let “legal entity status” promote the development of the religious charity sector
By Zhang Zhipeng 张志鹏,  China Ethnic News 中国民族报 , June 18, 2013
Argues that before religious groups can engage in charity and philanthropic activities which will benefit Chinese society, the state must first enable these groups to legally register as social organizations. (English summary)
Shaanxi Civil Service Exam accused of Hukou discrimination; NGO: Remove or change these regulations
陕西公考被指存户籍歧视 公益机构:删除修改相关规定
Legal Daily 法制日报, June 18, 2013
Legal advocacy NGO Yirenping has accused the Shaanxi Human Resource and Social Security Bureau and the Shaanxi Civil Service Bureau of discrimination in its advertisement of the Civil Service Exams, which is directed toward people who were born in Shaanxi or have studied in Shaanxi. (Chinese)
Media is the simplest method for promoting charity and public interest work
Sogou 搜狐, June 18, 2013    
At the Two-Straits Forum last week, mainland Chinese NGOs picked up some tips from their Taiwanese partners, including the importance of utilizing the media to promote public interest work. (Chinese)
“Temporary worker” status frequently used as excuse; Young lawyer applies for release of information on “temporary workers”
“临时工”频频成为挡箭牌 “90后”申请公开“临时工”信息
By Gong Shaochun龚少春, New Legal Times新法制报, June 19, 2013
Wei Huangxiong has requested that the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security release information concerning “temporary workers,” including the definition of the term. (Chinese)
Courts “ignoring” environmental public interest lawsuit?
Beijing News 新京报, June 19, 2013
This article explores recent attempts to utilize the latest revision to the Civil Procedure Law, which specifies that social organizations can file lawsuits, and finds that courts are unwilling to accept these types of cases prior to further clarification on the law. (English summary)
Ministry of Civil Affairs releases 2012 Social Service Development Statistics Report
Ministry of Civil Affairs 民政部网站, June 19, 2013
MCA report on its service provision for 2012, including statistics on social organization registration, community service centers, and other initiatives. (Chinese)
The rising tide of NIMBY protests: Are they cake or bitter fruit?
By Wang Shuo 王硕, CPPCC Web 人民政协网, June 19, 2013
Discusses the recent proliferation of “Not In My Backyard” protests, focusing on points raised during the recent NIMBY Case Seminar in Beijing. (Chinese)
Red Cross says it won't reinvestigate Guo case
By Wang Qingyun, China Daily, June 19, 2013
Huang Weimin, secretary-general of the committee, told a news conference on June 14 that the committee believed that the previous investigation the society conducted on the case had already came to a clear conclusion, and it suggested that the society launch a new investigation if new evidence is found about the case. (English)
Real names required for web, phone users in Tibet
Xinhua, June 19, 2013
All Internet, fixed line and mobile phone users in Southwest China's Tibet autonomous region have provided service operators with their real names, as required by a 2011 local regulation, local authorities said Monday. (English)
Trade union will procure social organization services
Beijing Daily 北京日报, June 20, 2013
The Beijing Federation of Trade Unions has announced that it will begin to contract services from social organizations in order to meet the diversified needs of its members. (Chinese)
Charity funding allocation will be supervised
Guangzhou Daily 广州日报, June 20, 2013
The Guangzhou Charity Organization Social Supervision Committee recently elected its leadership, which will include former Deputy-Director of the Guangzhou People’s Congress Tao Ziji, Guangzhou TCM Hospital President Lu Yubo, Sun Yatsen University School of Philanthropy Acting Director Zhu Jiangang, and NPC representative and Guangzhou Lawyers Magazine Editor Chen Shu. The committee does not include any current acting officials, and will supervise both private and government charity activities. (Chinese)

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