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May 25 – May 31
One Foundation founder Jet Li: Doing charity work is helping your self
People’s Daily人民日报, May 25, 2013
In this interview, Jet Li explains that by becoming involved in public interest issues such as pollution, food safety, and rights protection, people also stand to benefit themselves.
The Chinese Red Cross should thank Guo Meimei
前瞻网 QianLu Network, May 27, 2013
The author argues that the Guo Meimei scandal has evened the playing field for charity organizations, requiring the Chinese Red Cross to professionalize its operations, which will be beneficial for the organization in the long run.
Religion also builds networks
Nanjing Network 南京网, May 27, 2013
In light of the fact that religious charity donations increased to RMB 30 billion last year, his article explores the relationship between religious promotion, civil responsibility, and public participation.
The core orientation of the modern social organization system
Fujian Daily 福建日报, May 27 2013
Kang Xiaoqiang clarifies the references to social organizations in the 18th Congress Report, explaining that the core orientation for the modern CSO system will be structured on a clear separation of powers and responsibility and legally autonomous organizational structure.
Social Enterprise in Shanghai
Dongfang Daily 东方早报, May 28,2013
This article explains the evolution of the term social enterprise and how it is understood in China, laying out the history of social enterprise in Shanghai and noting possible directions for development.
When are NGOs going to stop fighting each other?
NGO 何时不再“各自为战”
CPPCC 人民政协网, May.28, 2013
Based on some of the challenges encountered by NGOs after the Lushan earthquake, this article suggests the need for a coordinating organization, and compares the benefits of a large private foundation or a government agency filling this role.
Jiangsu Province establishes a mechanism for government contracting of social organization services
CPPCC 人民政协网 .May.28, 2013
To respond to the increasing demand for public services, the Jiangsu provincial government civil affairs bureau department of social organization management has established a standardized method for government agencies to purchase services from social organizations.
Anhui: Some social organizations can directly register
People’s Daily 人民日报, May 28, 2013
According to the latest “Suggestions Regarding the Strengthening and Innovation of Social Organization Construction and Management,” some social organizations will be now be able to register directly in Anhua, specifically excluding religious, political, and international organizations.
The number of social organizations in the province increased by 15% from last year
Nanfang Daily 南方日报讯, May 29, 2013
The number of social organizations in Guandong province increased by 15% last year. Thanks to the new social organization registration and management system, the number of registered social organizations reached 35,324 units.
Qinghai social organizations flourish
ChinaNetwork 中国网, May 29, 2013
Qinghai is gradually reducing the threshold for social organization registration and at the same time providing special funds and other measures to strengthen and stimulate the construction and management of CSOs.
Registration for a new type of social organization
Guangzhou Daily 广州日报, May 30, 2013
Beginning today, village-level elderly associations and mutual aid groups in the Zhongshan prefecture of Guangdong will be able to register with the municipal Civil Affairs Bureau.
Strengthening social construction by improving people’s livelihoods and management innovation
Hangzhou Daily 杭州日报, May 30, 2013
The Hangzhou social construction and social management committee held its third plenary meeting to discuss its intentions to further improve the people's livelihood and innovation management in order to “build a harmonious society” in the city.
CASS: Several local governments will experiment with eradicating the dual administration system
ChinaNetwork 中国网, May 31, 2013
The “Charity Blue Book” launched by CASS, reported that several provinces are trying to abolish the NGOs dual administration system to make the NGO registration process smoother and allow them to better meet demand for social services.
China has 490,000 social organizations: internet charity focues on “micro-charity” social movements
中国共有49万社会组织 网络公益向微公益社会运动转化
人民网, Renimn Network, May 31 2013
According to the CASS “Charity Blue Book, in 2012 the number of social organizations has reached the 490,000 unit. One important characteristic of contemporary Chinese civil society is the conversion of social networks into micro social movements which seek to address problems such as citizens freedom of association and social justice.
Analysis of NGOs “good governance” difficulties
CIRN 中国行业研究网, May 31, 2013
Exploration of the difficulties encountered in the management of NGOs by the government, from the lack of transparency in information disclosure to the lack of knowhow to provide social services.
CASS Blue Book: Community donations to charity decreased by 17%
Beijing Morning Post 北京晨报, June 1, 2013
The article affirms that the decrease of 17% of the public donations to charities reason is the donation economic downturn, the new tax law but fist of all the “accountability crises”.
Model project for children left in villages: started in Xining, Qinghai
Chinese Government Network 中国政府网, June 1, 2013
Xining city in Qinghai has been chosen as a trial point for the care of “left-behind” children living in Chinese villages. The entral government will support the project with 1.3 million yuan.

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