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AIDS patient receives compensation
Xinhua, January 25, 2013
China has seen its first case of an AIDS patient being awarded compensation for discrimination on account of his condition.
Wang Zhenyao: “Express your opinion, don't hide”
By Zhang Mengying, Liu Libo 张梦颖, 刘丽波, Philanthropy Times 公益时报, January 28, 2012
Interview with head of Beijing Normal University China Philanthropy Center Wang Zhenyao, who describes his regret at the use of a pseudonym in pubishing his latest book, due to excessive fears of the restrictions set by the General Administration of Press and Publication.
NGOs' end-of-the-year difficulties
Southern News 南方新闻网, January 28, 2013
Despite increased ease in registration, NGOs are still burdened by an inabilities to obtain tax exemptions.
Beijing will procure RMB 80 million in social organization services
Beijing News 新京报, January 28, 2013
The Beijing government recently announced that it will use RMB 80 million to fund 500 public service projects next year.
SOEs willing to do more public good
Xinhua, January 29, 2013
The State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (SASAC) reports that State-Owned Enterprises have engaged in a number of public service projects, but response is still skeptical.
Investigating “micro public good”: A public welfare revolution from below
Beijing Times 京华时报, January 29, 2013
Renmin University's NGO Research Institute recently published the “Chinese Third Sector Report (2013),” which explores the nature of “micro public good” or public interest work carried out through new media resources, and its relationship with traditional public welfare institutions. (Chinese)
Increasing the “transfusion” of functions, creating a “mother” to incubate social organizations
Chengdu Daily 成都日报, January 29, 2013
The Chengdu Jinjiang District Social Organization Development Foundation is a social innovation experiment intended to provide support for social organizations. (Chinese)
Regional meetings of the NPC and CPPCC focus on government procurement of public services
China Financial and Economic News 中国财经报, January 29, 2013 
At regional meetings of the NPC and the CPPCC (known as the lianghui), representatives eagerly discuss the utilization of government procurement of public services as a method of addressing social concerns. (Chinese)
Former laojiao inmate files for compensation
By Zhao Yinan, China Daily, January 29, 2013
Tang Hui, who was sent to the re-education through labor system after protesting her daughter's rape, continues her crusade against the system.
Women's federation calls for law against child abuse
By Wang Hongyi, China Daily, January 29, 2013
The Shanghai Women's Federation proposed that the legislative body put the crime of child abuse in the criminal law to protect children's health and legal rights.
2012 “Top Ten Civil Society Events” released
IBTimes 中文网综合报道, January 29, 2013
The Beijing University Civil Society Research Center, Sun Culture Foundation, and the Zhejiang Dunhe Charity Foundation jointly released their list of the top ten civil society-related events in 2012. (Chinese)
Guangdong to stop laojiao system in China
Xinhua, January 30, 2013
Guandong announced that it plans to end its re-education through labor (laojiao) system by the end of the year.
2012 Top Ten Public Interest Lawsuits
Legal Weekly 法治周末, January 30, 2013 
Compilation of the ten most important public interest lawsuits of last year.
Public interest lawsuits ebb
By Chen Xiao 陈霄, Legal Weekly 法治周末, January 30, 2013
Legal Weekly notes that the cases included in the the “2012 Top Ten Public Interest Lawsuits” list are less interesting or exciting than those of the previous year.
Guangdong lianghui representative: We should expand government procurement of social organization services
Southern Daily 南方日报, January 31, 2013
At the Guangdong provincial meeting of the GPC and the GPPCC, committee member Huang Xiqin recommended that the government put greater effort into the procurement of services from social organizations.
Social organizations: What kind of “fish”?
Liberation Daily 解放日报, January 31, 2013
Interview with Ma Yili, head of the municipal Bureau of Civil Affairs, and NPI founder Lu Chao.
Woman wins settlement in discrimination case
By Yang Yao and Chen Xin, China Daily, February 1, 2013
A woman in South China recently won a discrimination lawsuit against Guangzhou Baole Trade for discrimination in hiring practices.
New style of urbanization must not overlook the construction of civil society
新型城镇化 不能忽略了公民社会建设
By Sun Yong 孙勇,  Securities Times 证券时报, February 1, 2013
Author argues that new urbanization plans must take into account the development of a space for civil society.
38 social organizations receive qualifications (for government service procurement)
By Li Xiaoyan 李晓燕, Foshan Daily 佛山日报, February 1, 2013
Chancheng district in Foshan, Guangdong, recently announced that 38 social organizations are qualified to undertake procurement services for the government. Chancheng district has provided training for organizations seeking to become a government service contractor.
Grassroots public benefit workers enter the lianghui for the first time
草根公益人首入“两会” 呼吁政府各界同行“冷思考”
By Qian Bei 钱蓓, (Shanghai) Wenhui News 文汇报, February 1, 2013
Shanghai People's Political Consultative Conference committee members Guo Xiaomu and Lü Chao, who also have extensive backgrounds in NGO work, discuss the future for social organizations.

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