Guangdong “Hub” Organizations Will Receive a “Transfusion”

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Government to play a greater role in fostering development of social organizations in Guangdong. 

The Guangdong Provincial Party Committee and Government recently released the “Provincial Social Affairs Committee’s Suggestions Regarding the Establishment of a “Hub” Organization System” which describes a plan to put in place by 2014 a “Guangdong-style” hub organization system to foster and develop social organizations.  (The Guangdong Provincial Social Affairs Committee is a relatively new organ. For more on this committee, see Policy Brief No. 9 (October 2012): Meet Your Local Social Affairs Committee.) The Suggestions call on “people’s organizations” (otherwise known as “mass organizations) such as the All-China Federation of Trade Unions, Women’s Federation and Communist Youth League, to build a social organization services platform to as a way to strengthen the party and government’s leadership and guidance of social organizations.  It also calls on the party and government to provide policy and financial support to build this “hub” system. In short, the “hub” system can be seen as a way for the party and government to foster the development of social organizations while devolving responsibility for managing social organizations to trusted “people’s organizations”.  For the full article in Chinese, see

For another take on this story, see the article Guangzhou Communist Youth League: establishing a “hub” platform to develop social organizations

广州共青团:搭建枢纽平台 成长社会组织

Southern Daily 南方日报, December 5, 2012

The article examines how “people’s organizations” such as the Communist Youth League are seeking to transform themselves from purely political-type organizations to hybrid-type social organizations that can serve as a bridge between the government and NGOs.  For the full article in Chinese, see