Report on Chinese Nepal earthquake fundraising released by CCIC

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The China Charity Information Centre (CCIC), an information platform set up by the Ministry of Civil Affairs in 2006, yesterday released a comprehensive report on Chinese fundraising for the relief effort after the May 25th Nepal earthquake.

According to the report, China had raised 238.01 million yuan (including goods converted into money) for the Nepal earthquake relief until May 12th. The government accounted for about 55% of the money raised with 114 million yuan in total and organizational donations amounted to 49.88 million yuan (about 24% of the total amount), of which the tourism industry and religious groups contributed significantly. The internet also played a big role in the fundraising activities according to the report. Three online fundraising platforms, Tencent Gongyi, Alipay Gonyi and Sina Gonyi, raised 30.25 million yuan with 532,000 contributors.

The report also pointed out that Chinese NGOs have become an important force in international disaster relief efforts, stating that organizations such as the One Foundation, the Amity Foundation and China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation were particularly impressive in Nepal. However, as the report said, there are still problems with Chinese NGOs’ involvement in the relief work. For instance, there is still a lack of medical expertise and cooperation between different organisations.

The whole report can be downloaded here.