National charity information platform launched, aims to promote public trust

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The Ministry of Civil Affairs has launched a National Charity Information Platform (全国慈善信息公开平台), with the aim of making it easier for the public to find information about charitable organizations and supervise their activities. The opening ceremony was held on September the 4th.

The launching of this platform is a response to last year’s Charity Law, which requires that charitable organizations be transparent with their information. By 8 AM on September 4th, the platform had released information regarding 2,134 charitable organizations and 38 charitable trust filings. Out of these organizations, 517 have qualifications for public fundraising; they released information about 837 public fundraising activities and 1,595 charity projects through the platform.

During the opening ceremony Zhan Chengfu, an official of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, stated that the opening of this platform is an effective measure to fulfil the policy set by the Charity Law, which requires open and transparent information-sharing from charitable organizations. The platform is a good channel for the public to know more about charitable organizations and their activities, and it will make it more convenient for the public to supervise these organizations.

According to what is stated in a report by the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the ministry will put an effort into building an open, transparent and effective platform to promote public trust and satisfaction towards charitable affairs. After the platform is running, the ministry will collect information about charitable organizations and make an assessment about their work based on the information they provided to the platform. Charitable organizations should therefore ensure the accuracy of the information they provide to the platform.

The official website of the information platform is You can also enter the platform by visiting the Ministry of Civil Affairs’ website at or China’s NPO website at, and clicking on the “Charity information platform” column.